Celebrate Recovery uses The Twelve Steps and Related Scriptures as the biblical model for living your life. A Step Study is a personal journey through each of the 12 Steps in community with a group lead by a facilitator who has completed a study.


Whatever the hurt, habit or hang-up might be, people honestly working through the material in these step-study groups are able to form strong bonds and support teams, find accountability partners, sponsors and friends through sharing and caring. 


Most importantly, they are able to be freed from the shame, guilt and pain of their issues by learning to let go and let God take over – one day at a time!  When you finish the study you will have worked your hurts, habits, and hang-ups through each step.

Step-study groups are held during the week and meetings generally last 2 hours. Men and women, separated by gender, work through the four Participant's Guides based on the twelve steps and their biblical comparison and follow the Small Group Guidelines during meetings. Groups meet weekly for about 12 months under the gentle and loving guidance of a trained leader and/or co-leader to let Christ help them reveal and deal with issues in their lives that have become heavy baggage.

Step Studies offered at the Livermore campus:

The Journey Begins - This is the start of your recovery journey.  This is a beginning step study focusing on surrendering to God, dealing with past hurts, managing addictions, and gaining sobriety.  It is appropriate for all types of addictions or issues.

The Journey Continues - This is an advanced step study and is taken after completing The Journey Begins.  By working through the lessons and exercises found in each of the four participant's guides of The Journey Continues you will find a deeper sense of true peace and serenity, continue to restore and develop stronger relationships with others and with God, and find deeper freedom from life's hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

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MEN'S Step Study 

The Journey Begins

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WOMEN'S Step Study 

The Journey Begins

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WOMEN'S Step Study 

The Journey Continues

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